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Keep you NPM dependecies updated

October 09, 2015 - 2 minutes read


DATE: February 2019

This is a blog entry that I wrote before I change my blog, most of it may be old and probably outdated.

A few days ago, surfing on the web, i saw a site of a service that called my attention and made me think “that’s a great idea”.

The idea was… “don’t worry about update your npm’s dependencies, we will do it…“.

The service that i’m talking about is greenkeeper.

This service, periodically, will analyze the package.json of a GitHub repo, will check for dependencies updates and make a Pull Request with the changes. It’s simple but powerful. If you have a good set of hooks for validation, like travis/jenkins builder, you can check if the new version of the dependencies breaks your code.

Greenkeeper provide three plans and one is free!!

  • Open Source (FREE):

    • Unlimited public repos
    • Public queue (might take a while to update)
  • Individual ($14/month):

    • Unlimited privates repos
    • Faster queue
    • Online support
  • Organisations ($50-$90/month):

    • 20-50 privates repos
    • Fastest queue
    • Online support

About the plan, using the free one for now, the response time of the queue is really good. In a few (2-4) minutes i had the pull request in my repo, so far the time is not a problem. Perhaps when the service has more demand this time will increase, i hope not!

Now the implementation, there is no need of extra instructions. The Getting started of the official site is more than enough. You only need to install a global NPM package, authorize greenkeeper on GitHub and that’s all.

There is only one thing about this service that not convince me at a 100%, when the service updates the package.json versions, removes all the semver prefixes and puts a fixed version. This is not totally wrong, because the service will update when detects a new version. But is a little detail that does not convince me completely.

In short, it is a very good alternative for those who forgets about the updates and ends with old and obsolete projects.

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