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The Beginning

September 20, 2015 - 1 minute read


DATE: February 2019

This is a blog entry that I wrote before I change my blog, most of it may be old and probably outdated.

Hi everyone, i hope there is someone there…

Recently i was working a lot with TFS-Grunt integration and stuff like that and noticed that there is not too much documentation or examples out there, even there is almost nothing about some TFS libraries for server side… it’s like a dark side of the Microsoft doc.

So this last Friday i was bored at home and decided to start a blog (something new for me) to put all this things that i learned on my work.

But… i didn’t want to create a Wordpress or Blogger (i’m not against those…) but it seemed so simple to me… i wanted to do some work. So i searched for a customizable blogging platform to play with it.

That why i end up with Ghost running in a Heroku dyno… so the idea it’s share the stuff i can and also play with this platform…

I hope that all the things that are going to end up here helps you at some point…

My name is Manuel Rueda and welcome to my blog. You can also follow me on Twitter and/or Github.